I’ve had the privilege of working with Mantas for over 5 years, and I can’t thank him enough for the incredible transformation he’s helped me achieve in my health and fitness journey. Mantas’s expertise, dedication, and unwavering support have been instrumental in getting me into the best shape of my life. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking to embark on a fitness journey or take their existing one to new heights. Thank you, Mantas, for being an exceptional trainer and motivator!

Richard P.

I met Mantas just after the last pandemic lockdown in 2021. I was 95kg, miserable and in the worst shape of my life. I’ve been seeing Mantas once a week for training sessions ever since and I couldn’t be more grateful. Skip forward to 2023 and I‘ve lost over 20kg, I’m much healthier, stronger and happier generally. I can’t thank him enough.

James F.

Working out with Mantas means that you actually do not dread your workouts. He did not only help me get the results that I wanted, but also helps me push even further while keeping every session fun, engaging and challenging. Can 100% admit I am looking forward to every single session.

Petr S.

Training with Mantas has genuinely transformed my life.
I wanted to improve my fitness levels but found life and work kept getting in the way. Training with Mantas holds me accountable, he motivates me to do better and now after consistently training with Mantas for 3+ years it has become a habit that is part of my daily routine.
Mantas is engaged in my fitness journey, his training plans work, you will see results and it’s enjoyable to be trained by him.

Natalie H.

I have trained with Mantas for more than a year. I struggled with my weight and fitness for a long time and he helped me turn it around. Mantas is genuinely caring and always listens to tailor my training to my needs. It is hard to come by a PT who pays attention to both your physical and mental health and Mantas is definitely one of the rare ones.
In a year, Mantas took the time to coach my fitness meticulously and taught me how to take care of myself. I am not just lighter but fitter, more importantly, healthier and happier – all thanks to Mantas.
Every session with Mantas is never short of fun. He keeps it challenging with a great sense of humour.

Archie K.

I have been working with Mantas for over a year now and with his help have made significant progress towards my goals. He is really knowledgeable and tailors his approach to suit your needs. I can’t recommend him enough.

Cameron B.

Mantas is a fantastic trainer and I really enjoy my sessions with him. Each session is different, interesting and challenging! He consistently pushes me but at the same time listens when something is not working. Also, he is very approachable and personable!
He set realistic goals when I started and we are working towards them consistently. I came to him three months ago to lose post baby weight but the training has become so much more than that. My overall levels of fitness have improved noticeably, any niggling aches and pains have disappeared, and my eating habits have improved! I do plan to continue training with Mantas for as long as I can – definitely the best investment in myself!

Aditi T.

I have trained with Mantas for a while now and he is an exceptional personal trainer with a fantastic work ethic. His workouts are always interesting and varied, ensuring that I stay motivated and engaged throughout. Training with Mantas has helped me achieve my fitness goals and the results speak for themselves. He is always avilable if I need adittional advice or support and I highly recommend his training
to anyone looking to make a positive change in their life.

Simon D.

Training with Mantas for only 8 months gave me results, both mental and physical. Made me feel good about myself by pushing me beyond my limits and making me do things I didn’t know I am capable of. He puts a lot of thoughts on my workouts, and adjust it accordingly based on my progress. He is always available to answer questions and flexible in terms of arranging training schedule.

Jhun Jhun O.

I signed up with Mantas because while I loved going to the gym already, I wanted help to properly improve my functional fitness, core strength and weight lifting form. In a few months, Mantas has taught me masses and has really motivated me to take it to the next level. I am much more confident with form, am feeling stronger and fitter, and still learning loads 5 months in.

Jonathan B.

I started training with Mantas in June 2023, shortly after an operation so we had to start slow. He took my stats, was patient, supportive and guided me through my training & nutrition/diet with ease. Recently (October 2023) we re-took my stats and I had dropped 3% body fat and my overall health and well-being has improved 10 fold. I even recommended a colleague who’s now training with him, and sometimes friends join me in my PT sessions. They have always walked away happy and ask me how I survive these sessions each week – the results are addictive and that’s because Mantas knows how to get the results you want/need. No two sessions are the same, you’ll never be bored!

Shelly D.

Growing up I was extremely active with sport as well as training as a professional dancer. I left the performing industry at the age of 26 and rapidly saw my fitness level decrease. I never enjoyed going to the gym, feeling self conscious that I wasn’t able to perform at the same level as those training around me. After years of feeling unhappy about my body shape, lack of definition and energy levels I looked for the support and guidance of a personal trainer. From day 1 with Mantas, he became more than just a trainer for me. Mantas was able to guide me on nutrition without forcing a strict plan, he pushes me to achieve goals in the gym I never though achievable, he has built up my confidence where I now look forward to going to the gym no longer fearing what others might think of me. I have seen my body change through his challenging workouts, whilst supplying me with extensive additional routines I can complete in the gym outside of our sessions. In between my gritted teeth through tough sets, Mantas has me in hysterics through his amazing humour and most importantly makes me feel fully supported in his true wish to see me fulfil my full potential. No matter what your goals or ambitions are in fitness, I cannot recommend Mantas enough, he has truly changed my outlook on what I can achieve in the gym and inspires me to work harder and harder in every session we have together.

Shahail W.

I signed up for three months personal training with Mantas and have continued my sessions for now over 5 years. He has been amazing to train with and completely changed my outlook on health & fitness. Before Mantas I never looked forward to working out but now training has become the highlight of my week, something I never thought I would say. He inspires and motivates me to reach my goals, at the same time he is personable and approachable and I feel completely comfortable with him. I am so happy with the results and my progression. I would recommend Mantas to anyone looking for a dedicated and professional trainer with guaranteed results he is the best!

Helena P.

I can’t say enough about the incredible journey I’ve had so far with my personal trainer, Mantas. Of course, I am still in progress and on training with him for more than a month now. His dedication to my well-being and improvement is unmatched. Also, he has a unique ability to connect with their clients on a personal level. I highly recommend Mantas to anyone looking for a trainer who genuinely cares about your success, improvement and overall well-being.

Cheryl B.

Trainers are great to work with. Workouts are always changing and challenge each person in class to work to the best of their ability. The people who work out with me are so encouraging and fun. I like that I can get a very good workout in 45 minutes. Anyone looking to try out HIIT, I would recommend F7.

December 29, 2020

Matt C.

love F7 Fitness! Great workouts with tons of variety. An extremely supportive atmosphere that provides a few laughs and much needed Fitness and nutrition accountability. The trainers are awesome! I would highly recommend F7 for anyone of any fitness level. Thank you! 😊🙌

December 18, 2020